Partnering with individuals and small to large organizations, we will work with you to assess your learning needs and design, develop, document, and instruct using the appropriate learning format. Learning formats include but are not limited to one-to-one and group: instructor led in-person sessions, web based sessions (using a web conference tool like, WebEx), or a video tutorial, which may be accessed at your convenience 24/7.

You just purchased a new computer or tablet (iPad, Kindlefire, or Netbook – you get the idea) and need help setting it up and learning how to access: the Internet, email, and other applications (Facebook, etc.).

Your organization may have purchased new software to meet your business needs. Perhaps, this new software addresses your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) needs, Content Management (CMS) needs (you get the idea), or even web conferencing needs. Now you need to design and implement an education strategy as well as courseware for your team members. Whatever the need is, we can help!

Our team of talented instructional designers and education facilitators (trainers), will assist you with everything from a needs assessment, to program design, to individual courseware, and finally education delivery (training).


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